Butchers Shop Accessory Set

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Butchers Shop Accessory Set

This pack contains plenty of resin scenery items for you to kit out your own butchers shop, market stall, tavern, castle kitchen or trading post. It has been designed for use in 28mm scale miniature games like Dungeons & Dragons, Frostgrave or Mordheim.

This set contains the following unpainted resin products.

1 x butchers block

2 x cupboard

2 x display counter

1 x wall mounted meat rack (no1)

1 x wall mounted meat rack (no2)

1 x crates of meat

1 x chopping boards & bucket

1 x hanging wild game

1 x butchers tool set

1 x butcher

All other models and scenery are for scale purposes only and for a visual reference.

With most resin items I would advise a quick wash in warm soapy water to remove any resin residue from it and then once fully dry undercoat with a suitable primer prior to painting.

 All these items have been personally hand sculpted and then reproduced in resin.

 © Copyright AngryStagWargaming 2021 

These items are not toys and contain small parts, children under 12 should be supervised.