Basing Slate (approx 220g pack)

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Basing Slate

Contains approx 220 grams per pack.

Below is how we use and classify our slate when working on a model's base. See photos for average size examples.

Slate Sizes

Small - these pieces are ideal for 25mm and larger bases where you want to add some detail with out taking over the base.

Medium - these pieces are ideal for being the main focus on a 25mm > 40mm base or add to a large base to add some detail.

Large - these pieces are ideal for bases larger than 40mm where you want the slate to be the main focus.

Mixed - a bit of everything.

This slate has been pre-washed prior to packaging so will be ready to add straight to your base or terrain and can be undercoated as required.

As slate is a natural product there will be variations in colour, shape and size. The slate has been filtered into different sizes to better suit the modelling requirements but the odd piece may end up in the wrong bag size :)

All other models and scenery are for scale purposes only and for a visual reference.

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  These items are not toys and contain small parts, children under 12 should be supervised.